Note: All works are limited to 1 vintage print and an edition of 3/3 ("Out of the Blue" and "Paso Doble" series 7/7)


Thomas Rehsteiner
Tgampi Saura 13
sot crepla
7083 Lantsch/Lenz
phone: 0041/81 637 10 12


  Andreas I

 Andreas II

 Daniel I


 Gareth I

 Hommage à Francis Bacon II

 Hommage à Orson Wells

 Reflection in a Golden Eye

 Remember Mother well

 Out of the Blue XI

 Out of the Blue XI

 Surfacevalue I

 Surfacevalue II

 Out of the Blue II

 Out of the Blue II

 Out of the Blue IV

 Out of the Blue IV

 Surfacevalue XVI

 Surfacevalue XVIII

 Surfacevalue XX


 Out of the Blue VI

 Out of the Blue VI

 Rushdam II

Out of the Blue VIII     Out of the Blue VIII

 Paso doble III

 Paso doble X

 Paso doble XIII

 Paso doble XI

 Paso doble II

 Paso doble I

 Paso doble VI

 Out of the Blue VII    Out of the Blue VII

 La vie devant soi I

 La vie devant soi II

 La vie devant soi III

 La vie devant soi IV

 La vie devant soi V

 Tozeur 1998

 Inside out

 Claudio I

 Twinkle I

 Twinkle II

 Twinkle V

 Twinkle VI

 Twinkle X

 A la recherche de... I   A la recherche de... II   A la recherche de... III

 Whisper VIII

   Hyde Park II
 Whisper X

   Hyde Park III