Highest quality print making, book design, artistic collaboration! - Mel Clark is your best bed (see friends).







"Viel, viel Glück und alles Gute nebst viel Erfolg" - Ruth Bollag

"Das Leben ist hart, doch never give up" - Harro von Sanden

"..... die Staubstrasse hat an Wert gewonnen" - Hildegard und Carl Urscheler

"Gewalt eines Gedankens: Um an die Quelle zu kommen, muss man auch gegen
den Strom schwimmen können!" - Harro von Sanden

"Best luck for your Küsnacht show. Let us keep eachother posted on our art
projects" - Harry Meyer

"Merci pour le plaisir des yeux et de la sensibilité, comme la sensualité des
images offertes dans cette exposition" - Marie-Hélène Balsat

"Eindrucksvoll" - Monika Stark

"Ist das schön - blau zu sein!" - Silvia Stucki

"Fantastic and wonderful to be here" - Anna Wilson

"Thomas, thank you so much for inviting me. The exhibition is AMAZING" - Sarah Stevns

"Sein, wenn, nicht, aber, oder?" - Yves Barmettler

"Herrliche Ansichten!" - Ursi Stucki

"Die Reise aus der Innerschweiz hat sich gelohnt!" - Brigitte und Barro Barmettler

"Last and not least zum 3. Mal im "paso doble", und entschieden." - La Sorella

"Just spent half an hour looking at your web site: congratulation for the
professional presentation. There is one very good thing about your
photographs: they are ideal to be shown on the screen, and in the
enlargement even the details are recognisable." - Martha Stevns







Can you bare a camera in front of yourself and still be yourself?

Then you are the woman or man I am looking for. Would it not be fun and challenging to start a collaboration?
Send your e-mail right away to thomas@rehsteiner.com including your address for correspondence and telephone number that we can have a first exchange on the phone shortly.
I am very much looking forward to receiving your news.



Kann dich eine Kamera "anschauen" und du bleibst du selbst?

Dann bist du Mann oder Frau, deren Charisma ich erhaschen möchte. Wäre es nicht spassig und herausfordernd eine Zusammenarbeit zwischen uns aufzubauen?
Schicke dein e-mail ganz schnell an thomas@rehsteiner.com. und vergiss Anschrift und Telefonnummer nicht, damit wir uns in Kürze ein erstes Mal am Telefon austauschen können.
Ich freue mich von dir zu hören!

Thomas Rehsteiner
Tgampi Saura 13
sot crepla
7083 Lantsch/Lenz
phone: 0041/81 637 10 12
e-mail: thomas@rehsteiner.com








web sites

Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland
Intriguing exhibitions (currently Daido Moriyama and Takashi Homma until 26th March 2000) and remarkable in covering the wide context within which photography is nowadays present among us.

Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern, Switzerland
architecturally great, performance wise an experience.

Museo d'Arte Moderna, Lugano, Switzerland
Curated by Rudy Chiappini the museum is showing often unique compositions and one woman/man shows of border-breaking interest.

Nikon Image House, Küsnacht, Switzerland
worth wile a visit any time.

Roland Schär
Roland and I have had a grand time creating this web site together: he has got all the IT-knowledge and an artist's eye while I had fantasies and ideas out of which Roland made most of them come true.
Ahead of Roland's capacity as web site designer I highly appreciate his endeavours as artist painter, printer and land art creator.



e-mail adresses

Yves Barmettler
If in need of competetive lighting and music engeneering for your next event in Switzerland, contact Yves Barmettler and mention "Little Light and Sound". All gays profit from a 20 % discount!
Yves is a wonderful man and precious company, serious, demanding, nerve wrecking as well as hilariously funny at times.

Mel Clark
Mel, the artist collaborator who makes things possible. Mel is responsible for the silk screen blue prints underlying the "Out of the Blue" juxtaposition series (see "portfolio" on this site) and the layout and design for "A Passion for Man".
An artist printer in his own right, regularely exhibiting with galleries in the U.K., Mel has a subtle eye for what makes the difference between good and unique.
It is a great pleasure indulging again and again in a collaborative venture and I am honored by the shared friendship with his wife Linda and their two sons Alexander and Jonathan.

Pascal Illi
I have worked with Pascal some time ago and you find him represented with "Think" on this site's "portfolio". He is currently performing as dancer and singer in Duisburg's production of "Les Misérables" in Germany.

Roland Kriesi
Roland is a great supporter for all which concerns IT in my office and with his wife Susanne an enthousiast for the sunny side of life and contemporary art.

Verena & Jakob Neuburger
Re-experiencing "neighbours": no see for many years and it is like Treasure Isalnd! Verena and Jakob are a joyful, serious and witty couple, real friends (there when I need a friend), young with adult children and always open for whatever life is handing out when a new day begins.

Anna & Max Wilson
Wonderful couple with great taste for all that enriches life. From works of art over a delicious meal cooked at home to a day in the garden or an evening by the fire place in conversation over a glass of wine and some cheese.
Anna and Max marathoned with me through the interview closing my monograph "A Passion for Man" to be published shortly (see "
flash - work in progress" on this site). It was an adventure, exhausting at times but also marvellously revealing. Thank you again!